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Serenity's Northern New Age
Let us give you a fresh alternative!


Thank you for your interest in Serenity’s Northern New Age. We started this company, in the early 90's, with the goal of providing a stable, honest place for readers to work without the stress and turmoil that can be so readily present in the industry today. We feel that we have become one of the best and respected reader management companies in the industry. We hope you feel that we have been successful in our journey!

Over the years, we have placed and managed advisors for numerous lines and networks such as Kenny Kingston, Mile-hi, P.R.N., Premium, PMI, Mainline and a few others. The network we are currently with is the same network we have been with since the late 90's. That lets you know our focus is true and has not been scattered in all directions.

Important update (Thursday- 1/21/16) :

We have some readers earning $300-$700 weekly in commissions! Just thought we would share that! ☺


What we offer:

  • We offer support and straight-forward answers without confusion or frustration!  We ask the same in return.
  • We are dedicated to offering a relaxed, stress-free environment.
  • This network has an exceptional support system! No vague - left in the dark feeling here! This network takes pride in keeping everyone in the know with everything that happens in this network! This is, by far, the best support system we have seen in this industry!
  • Work in the comfort of your home. Work during times throughout the week that meet your needs, according to your schedule. Work unlimited hours. (Imagine the gas or transportation money you'll save)
  • There are NO start up fees! You do not pay us so you can work! (yes, that does sound ridiculous but there are companies out there that ask for start up fees, application fees etc.. etc)
  • There is no need to promote or advertise yourself to get calls. That is taken care of for you. The advertising is done through television, newspaper, magazine and internet ads. Although, if you wish to, you surely can!
  • Compensation: There will be 2  types of calls that will come through this network. Those that are $0.25 per talk minute and higher compensated calls that are $1.00 per talk minute ...with the chance of going up to $2.00 per talk minute!
  • Commission payment is weekly.
  • Having said that, compensation will only be paid through PayPal. It is fast, convenient, dependable and easy to get payroll out in a prompt manner especially during times we are out of the office.

***Please read the requirements section before you fill out the application.

In order to be a Psychic Advisor for this line you must be experienced or gifted in divination techniques. Examples: Tarot, Clairvoyant readings, Angel readings, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Runes, etc. 

Please keep in mind that the Network does extensive test calls with all of the readers on the line to ensure the quality and ethics of the readers. All calls on this line are recorded.


**All applicants are asked to do a sample reading with someone from the network.**