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We offer support and straight-forward answers without confusion or frustration!  We ask the same in return.

We are dedicated to offering a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Work in the comfort of your home. Work during times throughout the week that meet your needs, according to your schedule. Work unlimited hours. (Imagine the gas or transportation money you'll save)

There are NO start up fees! You do not pay us so you can work! (yes, that does sound ridiculous but there are companies out there that ask for start up fees, application fees etc.. etc)

There is no need to promote or advertise yourself to get calls. That is taken care of for you. The advertising is done through television, newspaper, magazine and internet ads.

 What better way to find out about a company than to read what the people in that company have to say, in their own words!  Check our testimonial site out! The link is on the left.

  Payroll is monthly **We understand that certain unethical companies in this industry have caused a paranoid feeling among readers about whether they will be paid or not. We are very serious when it comes to pay roll!! Just ask the some of our readers who have been receiving paychecks from us for over a decade now! 

Having said that, compensation will only be paid through PayPal. It is fast, convenient, dependable and easy to get payroll out in a prompt manner especially during times we are out of the office.

  Log sheets and/or address capture are NOT required.   :) 

In order to be a Psychic Advisor for this line you must be experienced or gifted in one or more fields listed: Tarot,  Clairvoyant readings,  Angel readings, Astrology,  or other divinations such as , Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Runes, etc.  

Please keep in mind that the Network does extensive test calls periodically with all of the readers on the line to ensure the quality and ethics of the readers.



We look forward to hearing from you,

Lisa Marie & David
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